Is your best friend at home, wishing they could be with you on the island?

If your best friend is human, then you've already decided what luscious candy treat to bring home for them... but if your faithful dog is waiting patiently at home for your return, we have that covered, too!

Bring home the finest homemade Peanut Butter or Flavor Assortment cookies for them, and grab a doggy bandana in a variety of colors to make them even happier at your return. (Sorry, if your best friend at home is a cat, nothing you bring will keep them from being miffed at you for leaving).

Candy Row

After the candy is gone, we have one more thing that will evoke lasting memories for you...

We carry an exclusive poster of Block Island Marine Disasters (22x28). We also have very limited availability of a selection of KC Perry Block Island posters (please ask).

  Block Island Marine Disasters 

If you have forgotten a gift (or wish to treat yourself), we are always happy to ship to you, year round!

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